Working for the North Carolina General Assembly is a valuable experience for college students, particularly those with interest in political science, public administration, and law. The Senate offers internship opportunities to several North Carolina students each year. These internships will provide an understanding of the state’s legislative process and the avenues necessary with helping to resolve constituent problems and concerns.

Each year the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives authorize a limited number of internships to be supported by the General Assembly. Internships are scheduled to begin with the beginning of the Session and conclude at the end of the Session.

To be considered, students must first be a legal resident of North Carolina. Secondly, students must be enrolled in and have completed their first year of higher education at an accredited four-year/university or community college, and have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average based on a 4.0 grade scale. Academic majors preferred are political science, economics, public administration, law, business administration, or political history,

The General Assembly internships are paid based on their education level. Undergraduate students are paid $8.75 per hour; graduate students are paid $11.25 per hour. Timesheets are submitted based on a 40-hour work week or actual time worked. Internships are expected to be fulfilled in a member’s legislative office in Raleigh unless asked to attend meeting outside their office.

All Senate internships are assigned to members based on the approval of Mr. Jim Blaine, Chief of Staff to the President Pro Tempore (Senator Phil Berger) of the Senate.

Applicants are asked to complete the General Assembly application and send a writing sample to the Office of Senate Legislative Assistants, (Mrs. Joyce Hodge) located in Room 2125 of the Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, North Carolina or email to JOYCEH@NCLEG.NET . The Senate Legislative Director can be reached at (919)733-5649.

If interested you may go to the North Carolina General website for an application: