Teacher Pay Facts

The Truth About NC’S Rising Teacher Salaries: Average Teacher Salary in 2018-2019: $53,600 Number of Consecutive Teacher Pay Raises: 5 Average Pay Raise Since 2013: $8,600 Average Percentage Pay Increase Since 2013: 19% Number of Teachers Who Have Received a Pay Raise of at Least $10,000 Under Republican Leadership: 44,647 Increase in Lifetime Earning Potential […]

5 Consecutive Pay Raises Lead Teacher Appreciation Agenda in N.C.

Teachers in North Carolina will receive an average $4,412 raise between 2017 and 2019 as the state placed top-2 in the U.S. for fastest rising educator salaries twice over that period, part of a teacher appreciation agenda in the state General Assembly that delivered five consecutive pay raises to educators since 2014. While salaries have […]

Opioid Treatment in Our District

Earlier this month, at Fayetteville Technical Community College, myself, other elected officials and leaders from Fort Bragg, the Defense Health Agency, the Department of Veteran Affairs and civilian health care systems met with Senator Thom Tillis to discuss opioid-treatment in our district. Tillis said the military, VA and civilian healthcare systems can learn from each […]

North Carolina Teachers Lead the Nation

North Carolina continues to lead the nation in the number of teachers who have earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), with 616 additional teachers gaining the endorsement in 2017. The NBPTS also ranked the top 50 public and private universities and colleges with the highest number of alumni with the […]

Job Growth in North Carolina

This week has brought a myraid of good news for Southeastern North Carolina and the state as a whole. Recent figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows North Carolina is 7th in the nation for numbers of jobs created over the past year. Since March 2017, North Carolina has added 73,300 new jobs. […]