North Carolina Tax Facts

$445 Million State Budget Surplus

The General Assembly’s Fiscal Research Division released official state revenue numbers this week showing North Carolina has a $445 million budget surplus – $45 million more than earlier projections. When the Republican legislature passed the largest tax cut in state history two years ago, some skeptics made exaggerated predictions that it would starve state government. […]

Travel to Cumberland County Generated $490 Million in 2014

Cumberland County  – According to figures released by the Visit NC this week, domestic travel to Cumberland County generated over $490 million in expenditures in 2014 – a 3.85% increase from 2013. Tourism expenditures in Cumberland County generated state and local tax revenues of $35.7 million, which represents a $108.39 tax saving to each county […]

Establishing a Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The Senate Finance Committee has passed a bill that would give North Carolina voters the opportunity to add strong protections against over-taxation and wasteful government spending to our state constitution. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights would allow voters to consider three proposed constitutional amendments on the presidential primary ballot in March 2016 – including an amendment […]

Compromising on Economic Development, Medicaid Reform

The Senate has passed compromise bills on economic development and Medicaid reform with bipartisan support, fulfilling two of the biggest goals of the session while adopting a number of provisions supported by members of the North Carolina House and Gov. Pat McCrory. To encourage progress toward a final budget agreement, we removed these two issues from […]