The Largest Teacher Pay Increase in State History while Keeping Tenure

The most recent budget that I worked to help pass includes for North Carolina public school teachers an average 7 percent permanent pay raise – without requiring them to make a choice on whether to keep tenure. This $468 million increase would be the largest in state history and would boost North Carolina from 47th in overall […]

Agreement on Aggressive Coal Ash Plan

The Senate and House announced Tuesday evening they have reached a compromise agreement on coal ash mitigation that would give North Carolina the strictest regulations on coal ash in the nation and make it the first state to force the closure of all coal ash ponds. The bill sets a firm 15-year deadline for de-watering […]

National Airborne Day

    Tomorrow, August 16th is National Airborne Day; there will be a celebration at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum from 10 AM to 3 PM. Here is a flier for the event. Fort Bragg is of course home to the biggest installation of airborne soldiers, commonly referred to as the “Home of the Airborne.”  Airborne forces are a very […]

Implementing Positive Change and Growth for North Carolina

The North Carolina Senate tentatively passed a $21.25 billion bipartisan state budget yesterday that provides public school teachers the largest pay raise in history – averaging 7 percent. The $282 million investment propels North Carolina from near the bottom to 32nd in national rankings.   The budget includes a prudent 2.2 percent overall spending increase to […]