Credit for Military Training Bill Signed into Law

On July 10th, Governor McCrory signed into law the Credit for Military Training Bill. This bill was primarily sponsored by myself and Senator Ronald Rabin. Senator Ronald Rabin, like me, is an Army veteran. This bill was also co-sponsored by Senator Clark, who is a veteran of the Air Force and serves the other senate district […]

The Privilege License Tax

Lawmakers, business owners and municipal leaders have agreed for years that business privilege taxes — which are paid for the “privilege” of doing business in a locality — are too complicated and need change. Similar businesses in adjoining towns can end up paying wildly different bills because the cities calculate their respective taxes differently. Since […]

Happy Fourth of July Weekend

This weekend is the Fourth of July. We will celebrate over 230 years of the world’s greatest design for liberty and self-government. I look forward to this celebratory holiday in which we pay tribute to the patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence, and also the brave men and women who have fought to protect […]

Meeting with the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association

  Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet with the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association at the Crown Coliseum Complex Exposition Center. I went there to speak about a part of the regulatory reform bill involving setting up a commission. This line item will get together various groups, and set up a commission comprised of experts […]