The Regulatory Reform Act of 2014

When I first got involved in politics, one of the main reasons was the over regulation of the government on our North Carolina businesses. Unneccessary regulations increase costs for business owners, stifle growth and hurt our economy in job creation. Since taking office, I have worked to hold up those principles and cut away senseless […]

Reforming Common Core

It is likely that when speaking with anyone involved in our public education system, that they will have a strong opinion on common core. Common core was adopted in this state in 2010; teachers, parents and students have been struggling with it since. During the interim, I have the time to do a lot more […]

Energy Modernization Passes

The North Carolina Senate passed bi-partisan legislation this week that moves our state further ahead in achieving energy independence and creating a robust energy sector that will help attract high-paying jobs, private investment, and additional revenue to our economy.   The Energy Modernization Act paves the way for responsible domestic energy production by authorizing the Department of […]