Natural Gas Drilling

Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking or natural gas drilling) is an issue in play in North Carolina that has support on both sides of the aisle, dating back to even the Perdue administration. I am sure that many of you have seen the ads that have been running referencing myself, as well as Senators Rabin and Barefoot. The […]

Ensuring Integrity in Elections

Last year, the General Assembly passed a comprehensive law to require a photo ID at the polls and reform North Carolina’s outdated election code. It is important to also point out that adding some form of voter ID is a measure supported by 65% of North Carolinians. We crafted these reforms to help provide transparency […]

Surveyor’s Banquet

Last month, I was asked to attend and speak at the North Carolina Society of Surveyor’s anniversary banquet.  I worked with surveyor’s throughout the past session mainly in the legislation for Senate Bill 9, The Utilities/Design/Survey Location Services Bill. One of my mantras as a legislator has been making sure that all concerned or involved […]