Visit to Max Abbott Middle School

I had the pleasure of visiting Max Abbott Middle School to speak with the 8th grade students there. While there, I spoke with them on the state government, and the role it has in North Carolina. Mr. Matthew Wynne, an 8th grade social studies teacher, was nice enough to send some pictures from this visit […]

Committee Appointment

I was also recently appointed to the position of co-chairman for the Committee on Civilian Credit for Military Training and State Adjutant General Selection Criteria.  I am honored to serve in this capacity. The opportunity to utilize my experience with the military and my close relationship to those at Fort Bragg is something which I sincerely […]

The North Carolina Military Affairs Commission

I was recently asked by senate leadership to serve on the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission. I am honored and happy to continue to serve our soldiers and their families in this new role. The committee was established in the past legislative session by SB613. The bill states that the purpose of this committee is […]

North Carolina’s Economic Growth

An article in the Winston-Salem Journal by Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore (found here), goes into detail on the growth of the economy in North Carolina. Low- tax business friendly states are on a promising path towards economic growth that is already underway in many states, ours included. According to new Census Bureau data, the […]

Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery

Back in my July Newsletter, I spoke briefly on the improvements that will be made to the Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery. As I said then, it is my honored responsibility to do what I can to help the families of Cumberland County and Fort Bragg. I helped secure funding from the state budget to go […]