Making Changes

Heading in the wrong direction, North Carolina faced every imaginable problem: rising unemployment, poor public education, high taxes, heavy-handed business regualtions, and a massive $2.5 billion dollar deficit. I ran for the North Carolina Senate because changes were clearly needed. I campaigned on basic, sensible principles: putting money back into the pockets of North Carolinians, […]

Education Reforms

I continue to push for education reforms that demand results rather than throwing more money at broken system. I will support legislation that ensures students are reading at grade level, that helps parents understand the quality of their child’s school, that gives parents more educational choices and their children more opportunities, and that recognizes and […]

My Top Three Goals

MY TOP THREE GOALS: 1. Ensure the government is not a hindrance to economic growth and recovery. 2. Improve public education through reforms and policy changes that shift the focus from institutional bureaucracy to student achievement and success. 3. Scale back the size and scope of the government bureaucracy and regulations, to help private business […]