Senate Passing Annexation Reform

One of the important things the Senate was able to accomplish this week was to tentatively pass two bills to protect the private property rights of North Carolinians against forced annexations. Forced annexations occur when cities and towns acquire unincorporated areas next to their existing territory without the consent of residents who live in the […]

Excellent Public Schools Act

We cannot continue – and our students can’t afford – policies that merely throw more money at a badly broken education system. We must demand better results, and positive change. It’s a proven fact that the ability to read by fourth grade drastically improves students’ chances to graduate high school.  The Excellent Public Schools Act […]

Medicaid Shortfall and Fix

Last June, we passed a two-year bipartisan budget that filled a $2.5 billion deficit, cut taxes, reduced government spending by $1 billion, and reformed public education. We made tough but responsible decisions, and as a result, our budget is in good shape. State agencies are spending within the confines of what was budgeted except for […]