Senator Meredith Interview with Curtis Wright

Senator Meredith appeared OnMic with Curtis Wright on May 13, 2011. Curtis and Sen. Meredith covered a multitude of topics including education, the budget and other legislation being considered. Follow the LINK to listen to the discussion. Senator Meredith’s piece is under “SEGMENTS” May 13, 2011.

Road to Energy Independence

Gas prices are skyrocketing – putting pressure on your wallet and further wounding a slowly-recovering economy. With unrest in the Middle East, we’re unlikely to see prices fall dramatically any time soon. Yet President Obama and others in Washington refuse to explore the vast American energy supplies off our coasts. In the state Senate, we […]

Fighting for Health Care Reform

In March, the governor vetoed a bill we passed that would have given North Carolinians the freedom to opt out of major parts of President Obama’s overreaching federal health care law. Since she and Attorney General Roy Cooper refuse to protect the constitutional rights of North Carolinians, we filed a brief this week challenging the […]

Osama bin Laden is Dead

This past week we joined all Americans in congratulating our troops on a job well done by finding the conspirator behind the horrible events of 9-11. Our troops, many of whom have spent time at Fort Bragg, have given up everything including their lives, to protect our country and make the world a safer place. […]

Budget Process Well Under Way

A bipartisan veto-proof majority in the state House on Wednesday passed a budget that cuts wasteful spending, slashes taxes, and protects classroom teachers and other vital state services. It’s the first step in a new, responsible era of North Carolina state government – one that lives within its means and manages the people’s money without […]