Senate Passes Ethen’s Law With Bipartisan Support

The Senate passed Ethen’s Law with support from all but four senators to ensure the rights of the most innocent victims, unborn children. After years of failed attempts of passing Ethen’s law under Democratic leadership, the newly Republican controlled Senate voted overwhelmingly to protect the lives of unborn victims of crime. Even after various attempts […]

State Health Plan Overhaul

The Senate voted to override another one of Governor Perdue’s vetoes. This time she vetoed Senate Bill 265, the common sense reform of the State Health Plan that has a $500 million shorftall looming. The proposals in SB 265 were nearly identical to those in her budget, yet she chose to cave to her political […]

State Senate Takes Field Trip…

On Tuesday, April 12, Senator Meredith and the rest of the Senators walked across the street to the State Capitol in remembrance of the Halifax Resolves. This was the 235th anniversary of the resolution adopted by the Fourth Provincial Congress of the Province of North Carolina on April 12, 1776, during the American Revolution. This […]