N.C. Sustainable Energy Association “Legislator of the Year”

As the owner of a landscaping business, I have remained environmentally conscious throughout my tenure as your state senator. I have done this through supporting sensible policies that make sense for this state from both an economic and environmental perspective.  Things like the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency […]

The Largest Teacher Pay Increase in State History while Keeping Tenure

The most recent budget that I worked to help pass includes for North Carolina public school teachers an average 7 percent permanent pay raise – without requiring them to make a choice on whether to keep tenure. This $468 million increase would be the largest in state history and would boost North Carolina from 47th in overall […]

Agreement on Aggressive Coal Ash Plan

The Senate and House announced Tuesday evening they have reached a compromise agreement on coal ash mitigation that would give North Carolina the strictest regulations on coal ash in the nation and make it the first state to force the closure of all coal ash ponds. The bill sets a firm 15-year deadline for de-watering […]

National Airborne Day

    Tomorrow, August 16th is National Airborne Day; there will be a celebration at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum from 10 AM to 3 PM. Here is a flier for the event. Fort Bragg is of course home to the biggest installation of airborne soldiers, commonly referred to as the “Home of the Airborne.”  Airborne forces are a very […]

Implementing Positive Change and Growth for North Carolina

The North Carolina Senate tentatively passed a $21.25 billion bipartisan state budget yesterday that provides public school teachers the largest pay raise in history – averaging 7 percent. The $282 million investment propels North Carolina from near the bottom to 32nd in national rankings.   The budget includes a prudent 2.2 percent overall spending increase to […]

Credit for Military Training Bill Signed into Law

      On July 10th, Governor McCrory signed into law the Credit for Military Training Bill. This bill was primarily sponsored by myself,       and Senator Ronald Rabin. Senator Ronald Rabin, like me, is an Army veteran. This bill was also co-sponsored by Senator Clark, who is a veteran of the Air Force and […]

The Privilege License Tax

Lawmakers, business owners and municipal leaders have agreed for years that business privilege taxes — which are paid for the “privilege” of doing business in a locality — are too complicated and need change. Similar businesses in adjoining towns can end up paying wildly different bills because the cities calculate their respective taxes differently. Since […]

Happy Fourth of July Weekend

This weekend is the Fourth of July. We will celebrate over 230 years of the world’s greatest design for liberty and self-government. I look forward to this celebratory holiday in which we pay tribute to the patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence, and also the brave men and women who have fought to protect […]

Meeting with the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association

  Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet with the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association at the Crown Coliseum Complex Exposition Center. I went there to speak about a part of the regulatory reform bill involving setting up a commission. This line item will get together various groups, and set up a commission comprised of experts […]

The Regulatory Reform Act of 2014

When I first got involved in politics, one of the main reasons was the over regulation of the government on our North Carolina businesses. Unneccessary regulations increase costs for business owners, stifle growth and hurt our economy in job creation. Since taking office, I have worked to hold up those principles and cut away senseless […]

Reforming Common Core

It is likely that when speaking with anyone involved in our public education system, that they will have a strong opinion on common core. Common core was adopted in this state in 2010; teachers, parents and students have been struggling with it since. During the interim, I have the time to do a lot more […]